Why Us

We’ve walked in your shoes.

It takes more than capital to turn a great idea into a successful company. The journey from startup to public company is filled with many unexpected challenges — hurdles more easily overcome with the ongoing guidance of experienced advisors.

Over the last 15 years, the founding team at Leaders Fund has started and scaled multiple enterprise software companies, resulting in significant returns for our shareholders. We have identified three principles that are essential for success:

  • A relentless focus on delivering value to customers
  • A tenacious ‘A’ team that works well together
  • An ability to form mutually beneficial partnerships

In building multiple software startups to $100 million in revenue – and turning early stage ideas into publicly traded companies – we experienced many of the scenarios you will face as you build your company. We are using the sum of our experiences to help entrepreneurs build storied companies. Working alongside our portfolio companies as a partner, we offer real-world advice, connections and insight when it matters most.

We’re flexible partners for entrepreneurs and investors.

Our evergreen capital and flexible investment philosophy allows us to align our investment timeline with the entrepreneurs we support. We’re working with syndicates of investors, and are flexible on the stage we enter an investment and the percentage of ownership we require.

Our approach is simple: Identify and partner with visionary entrepreneurs solving important problems in big markets. Invest our time, talent, and capital to help them achieve amazing results for all stakeholders: employees, customers, and shareholders.