Bryan has been highly successful as both a technology entrepreneur and a Venture investor. At the age of 19 Bryan created Bryker Data Systems which grew to become Canada’s largest specialized Fintech provider to major financial institutions, government and large enterprises. Many of today’s customer-facing banking apps came out of Bryker including electronic bill payment, payroll and electronic funds transfer. After selling Bryker in the mid-90s Bryan went on to run and sell three other technology companies before moving to the emerging world of Venture Capital. In 2000 he was the Founding Partner of EdgeStone’s Venture Funds which were top quartile performers. EdgeStone’s funds were acquired by GMP in 2006 and Bryan left GMP in 2010. Since then Bryan has been an active investor and has been an advisor to several top performing Venture Funds.

Bryan has directly invested in more than 50 companies since 1995 with a specialty in Fintech, SaaS and enterprise software. His experiences and relationships he brings to Leaders Fund further adds to the team’s focus on operational expertise, a key differentiator for our investee companies.